Set up in 1996, Rouxel-Chapalain is a business law firm that partners with company directors and that is in particular involved in the supermarket distribution sector.

Our Added Value

We provide our clients with lawyers who are specialised in their specific fields and who share common values.

We have developed in-depth, sector-based expertise through advising and representing individual participants, partners and franchisees of supermarket distribution groups for all of the supermarket chains.

Our independence and close collaboration with our clients sets us apart.

Pragmatic as we are, we believe that, in addition to our mastery of law procedures, we must harness the full potential of our imagination and our ability to anticipate and to assess risks, in order to calmly and safely achieve the objectives that have been set.

Our organization provides the level of confidentiality that is necessary to successfully complete each case.

With clarity and trust as the cornerstones of our business relationships, we submit a detailed fee proposal proposed prior to taking on a case.