For nearly fifteen years now, Rouxel Chapalain has developed an area of expertise entirely dedicated to business transfers and acquisitions for its business owner clientele and shareholders. In particular Rouxel Chapalain has a broad recognized experience in the mass retail sector where the firm has participated in over 300 deals. We are also involved in other sectors of activity such as commercial real estate, industry, public works, publishing, services and more.

A team of specialised lawyers advises and assists each individual client throughout each stage of the transaction, from setting up the strategy through to termination, passing by the audit acquisition or transfer, drafting and negotiating transfer and collateral contracts as well as contractual annexes related to the deal.

The firm is also involved in private equity investment deals, equity investment, LBOs, setting up joint ventures and capital partnerships.

On each deal, Rouxel Chapalain works in close collaboration with recognized professionals who are experienced in related professions (solicitors, chartered accountants, specialized lawyers, wealth management advisors).